When you stop giving in to scarcity, abundance truly flows through

abundance Mar 24, 2022

When you stop giving in to scarcity, abundance truly flows through.

How does that work?

It works via surrender and trust.

There have been many times in the past 2 years where I had to make decisions financially and there were always two roads.

The Scarcity Road.

The Trust Road.

The scarcity road for me would have looked like me falling back into how I know how to make money which is what I’ve used for SURVIVAL almost my entire entrepreneurial journey.

Coaching. Create digital courses. Workshops.

Things that can make me quick money.

The trust road for me looked like working on building something that didn’t pay me at all for months, but eventually would pay me big time for the rest of my life.

If I gave in to scarcity, that would have taken my energy away from building something sustainable. I would have resented every bit of it and would have only been doing it to survive.

But the thing is, survival is fucking exhausting.

I knew I couldn’t go back to it no matter how tempting it may be.

What had to happen was for me to dig my heels in and get to work on what would see true abundance and a thriving life happen.

Now, this isn’t a dig at coaches, at all. I’m just saying that model isn’t for me.

You can use this message for anything -

Scarcity - going back to a job

Scarcity - getting on govt assistance

Scarcity - whatever just seems like the easy option and is good for now but you know isn’t what you truly desire.

What would trust look like for you?

If you were to resist The Scarcity Road and doubled down on The Trust Road, where would that take you?

It might mean sacrificing in the beginning, but I promise, when it pays off… it fucking pays off big time!

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