What’s happened in the past 48 hours

Mar 08, 2022

What’s happened in the past 48 hours

- Tawhi and I put in USD$70K of our passive income profits back in to our investment and now have USD$269K in automated trading packs (that’s NZD$392K) 🔥
- We celebrated with a bottle of Baileys in bed 😂
- I helped 5 people get started with their own automated trading packs 💯
- Every single person that’s joined us got paid on Sunday 💰
- I saw multiple people increase their weekly earnings by upgrading their packs with their profits 💎
- We went to look at another pod which will be an extension of our house and will put the purchase agreement in today 🏡
- we bought a second hand 4WD for beach runs and fishing (it’s fun) 🛻
- I calculated that the minimum coming in this year is $600K NZD. That’s if we don’t do anything else and just let the automated trade profits come in as is. 🤑
- I also saw a post from someone in a platform I used to be part of, talking about what I do in a negative light and that no one makes money 😂

Moral of the story… there will always be people worried you’re going to take something away from them when you’re succeeding. Who even cares, especially when you’re winning and helping others win too.


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